PERMANENT COLOR CREAM «PERFORMANCE» Permanent resistant cream hair dye

PERFORMANCE — cream hair dye, enhancing the professional's capabilities, makes the dyeing process easier and more convenient. The dye formula guarantees the desired result with dyeing of any complexity. The unique composition of the dye provides a reliable care for hair and scalp, gives a dazzling shine and guarantees color stability for up to six weeks. Active pigments of the new generation and the unique Vibra Riche technology provide a rich and persistent color, as well as 100% coverage of gray hair. Oily blend of herbal extracts eliminates irritation and provides surprisingly mild dye effect on hair and scalp. Included hydrolyzed silk proteins give the hair a natural shine that does not fade for a long time. The Performance palette contains 120 shades. Of these, 101 shades in the main palette, 10 shades of special blondes and 9 color correctors. PREPARING THE COLOR MIXTURE Mix the OLLIN PERFORMANCE cream dye with the OLLIN OXY oxidizing emulsion in a non-metallic container: — for the shades of the main palette with 1/хх to 10/xx row — in the ratio of 1:1.5 for coloring the shade to shade, the shade darker, the shade lighter, lightening for 2-3 shade with a simultaneous color nuancing; — for special blondes 11/х — in the 1:2 ratio for four-shade lightening with a simultaneous color nuancing. TIME OF HOLDING THE COLOR MIXTURE (depends on the choice of oxidizing emulsion) For the shades of the main palette with 1 / xx to 10 / xx row — 35–45 minutes. For special blondes 11 / x — 50–60 minutes. For dyeing of gray hair — 45 minutes. NATURAL 1/0 blue black 2/0 black 3/0 dark brown 4/0 brown 5/0 light brown 6/0 chestnut 7/0 fair* 8/0 blondish 9/0 blonde DEEP NATURAL 5/00 deep light brown 6/00 deep chestnut 7/00 deep fair 8/00 deep blondish 9/00 deep blonde ASH 4/1 ashen brown 5/1 ashen light brown 6/1 ashen chestnut 7/1 ashen fair 8/1 ashen blondish 9/1 ashen blonde 10/1 ashen light blonde VIOLET 2/22 violet black 5/22 violet light brown 6/22 violet chestnut 9/22 violet blonde 10/22 violet light blonde ASHEN VIOLET 8/2 ashen violet blondish 9/21 ashen violet blonde PINK 9/26 pink blonde 10/26 pink light blonde GOLDEN 4/3 golden brown 5/3 golden light brown 6/3 golden chestnut 7/3 golden fair 8/3 golden blondish 9/3 golden blonde 10/3 golden light blonde PERMANENT COLOR CREAM «PERFORMANCE» Permanent resistant cream hair dye 11 TRANSPARENT GOLDEN 8/03 transparent golden blondish 9/03 transparent golden blonde 10/03 transparent golden light blonde GOLD ASHEN 7/31 gold ashen fair 8/31 gold ashen blondish 9/31 gold ashen blonde 10/31 gold ashen light blonde GOLDEN COPPER 6/34 copper golden chestnut 7/34 copper golden fair 8/34 copper golden blondish 9/34 copper golden blonde COPPER 4/4 copper brown 5/4 copper light brown 6/4 copper chestnut 7/4 copper fair 8/4 copper blondish COPPER GOLDEN 7/43 copper golden fair 8/43 copper golden blondish 9/43 copper golden blonde 10/43 copper golden light blonde INTENSIVE COPPER 7/44 intensive copper fair 8/44 intensive copper blondish COPPER RED SERIES 7/46 copper red fair 8/46 copper red blondish MAHOGANY 4/5 mahogany brown 5/5 mahogany light brown 6/5 mahogany chestnut 7/5 mahogany fair 9/5 mahogany blonde 10/5 mahogany light blonde RED 5/6 red light brown 6/6 red chestnut 7/6 red fair 8/6 red blondish BROWNISH 5/7 brownish light brown 6/7 brownish chestnut 7/7 brownish fair 8/7 brownish blondish 9/7 brownish blonde 10/7 brownish light blonde INTENSIVE BROWNISH 6/77 intensive brownish chestnut 7/77 intensive brownish fair BROWNISH ASHEN 4/71 brownish ashen brown 5/71 brownish ashen light brown 6/71 brownish ashen chestnut 7/71 brownish ashen fair 8/71 brownish ashen blondish VIOLET BROWNISH 6/72 violet brownish chestnut 7/72 violet brownish fair 8/72 violet brownish blondish 9/72 violet brownish blonde 10/72 violet brownish light blonde BROWNISH GOLDEN 8/73 brownish golden blondish 9/73 brownish golden blonde 10/73 brownish golden light blonde BROWNISH MAHOGANY 6/75 brownish mahogany chestnut 7/75 brownish mahogany fair PEARL 9/8 pearl blonde* 10/8 pearl light blonde CORRECTIVE 4/09 transparent green brown 5/09 transparent green light brown 6/09 transparent green chestnut 7/09 transparent green fair SPECIAL BLONDE 11/0 natural special blonde 11/1 ashen special blonde 11/22 special violet blonde 11/21 violet ashen special blonde 11/3 special golden blonde 11/31 special gold ashen blonde 11/43 special copper golden blonde 11/7 special brown blonde 11/8 special pearl blonde

        Series: PERFORMANCE

        Hair color: Ammonia

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