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Perfect Hair Shampoo, 100ml:
its gentle formula cleanses hair and scalp, protects against dryness and nourishes thanks to the TRES OIL formula: jojoba oil gives natural shine, inca inchi protects against harmful environmental influences and repairs damage, and olive oil makes curls manageable and adds shine.
Nourishing Balm Perfect Hair, 100ml:
Nourishing Perfect Hair Balm in a new volume of 100ml based on three oils makes hair shiny and manageable, restoring its natural beauty and strength.
Cream-spray for hair "15in1", 100ml:
cream-spray for hair "15in1" in a volume of 100ml - the final step on the way to perfect hair care - a lot of useful functions in one indispensable tool! The spray perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the hair, facilitates combing, repairs damage, has thermal protection and protects the color of dyed hair, enhancing their brightness. Saturates the hair with creatine, thickens, increases elasticity and restores natural volume and strength to the hair.

Mode of application:
Shampoo: Apply to damp hair. Lather with light massage movements. Rinse thoroughly with water.
Balm: Apply to damp, shampooed hair. Spread over the entire length and leave for 3-5 minutes. Wash off with water.
Spray: apply to washed and towel-dried hair in the required amount (depending on their length, condition and porosity). Distribute the product with a comb along the entire length, including the tips. Without rinsing, proceed to styling your hair.


By hair and scalp type: Damaged Hair

By product type: Balm/conditioner

By product type: Shampoo

By product type: Leave-in treatment

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