“The Artwork”

Expressive eyes, perfectly styled hair, highlights and outlines – some would call this a complete look. But these are just details, through which the hands of a craftsman always show.

OLLIN Professional creative team once again amazed everyone with their skills – OLLIN Professional’s technologists and makeup artists transformed the models using stunning looks and incredibly complex yet beautiful hairstyles. More than 1,500 guests attended the memorable event that night. Connoisseurs of hairdressing art could delve in the festive atmosphere and become part of the large-scale event. The motifs of classical and contemporary art – painting, music and sculpture – were closely tied together in the event, creating a wholesome composition. One of the most important issues of the time was not neglected, with the show focusing on waste and garments, decorations and accessories made of waste, which became part of our life as a new method of self-fulfillment.

The authors and creators of “The Artwork” used four show blocks and the spectacular host Gosha Kutsenko to tackle the philosophical question of what is more important, the action or the muse? The artist is a self-sufficient creator. He often doesn’t even need a muse. He can do everything by relying on ambition and the desire to express a thought. How many masterpieces would we miss if artists waited for inspiration from above?