Hair Show "TEN"

10 years is not a joke. After all, you already feel like an adult, but from this strong emotions and exciting adventures you only want more. Therefore, OLLIN Professional celebrated its first decade in the Music Media DOME space, which turned into a magical Luna Park for one evening!

OLLIN Land opened its doors to all friends of the OLLIN Professional brand. A theatrical mystery, in which fairy-tale characters, vintage images and visual illusions are intertwined - all these miracles were seen by the guests at the grand celebration.

The unique Hair Show, created by the creative team of OLLIN Professional, immersed the guests in a world of fantasy and filled the long-awaited birthday with a special mood. And also the guests were delighted by the star presenter Dmitry Nagiyev, the performances of Valery Meladze and Zivert. And, of course, an exquisite buffet table, champagne, unforgettable installations and photo zones.