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About brand

Production of OLLIN Professional cosmetics
OLLIN Professional is a Russian brand of professional hair care products, with the goal of making professional care affordable.
Established in 2011, the brand has since become a favorite for thousands of beauty experts and ordinary people focused on the beauty of their hair.
OLLIN Professional cosmetics catalogue features everything you need, from basic hair care and styling products to different series focused on specific needs and hair types.
The company's product range also features seasonal and special care products, for the times your hair has special nutrition, extra moisturizing and protection needs. The brand is constantly evolving and following new trends, regularly releasing new, highly relevant products.
The name OLLIN Professional was chosen for its consonance with "ALL-IN", to show that the brand has the full range of products to offer the complete range of hair care services and to emphasize that each product has all the ingredients needed to keep your hair in top shape.
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The Team
A Dream Team
OLLIN Professional's greatest asset is our experienced team of hair stylists. By conducting brand training seminars, they share cutting-edge technologies and innovations that bring out and enhance the beauty of their clients.
All our hair stylists are actively involved in creating new products and looks, setting up majestic fashion shows and showcasing the most relevant hairdressing works. We are proud of our team, who are inspired by the profession and discover a new world of beauty and perfection, the OLLIN Professional world.
Expert Technologist, member of OLLIN Professional creative team
Tatiana Tsvetkova
Thanks to her skills and experience, she brings the most daring solutions to life. She conducts trainings, seminars and presentations in beauty salons, teaches at OLLIN Professional Academy and delivers original programs on coloristics "Ice cream" and "Free style". She also participates in photo shoots and hair shows of OLLIN Professional brand.

She has repeatedly demonstrated her talent for hairdressing and has deservedly occupied one of the central positions in the creative team of OLLIN Professional.

"Being an expert technologist is my calling, and working in a team of professionals is a great achievement and pride."
Creative Director and Chief Technologist, OLLIN Professional. World-class professional, winner of hairdressing championships of the Volga region, St. Petersburg and Kazan, diploma winner of San Valero Academy, Spain.
Dmitry Arabadzhi
"My parents promoted my sense of beauty and creative thinking since I was a kid – I was fortunate to be born into a hairdresser's family. I started as an apprentice, and later entered Vocational Lyceum No.41 in Kazan, where I studied theory and gained practical skills required for working with different hair types. At the same time, I entered an elite chain of hairdressing salons, where I acquired vital knowledge of customer service, etiquette and professional communication.

I took part in numerous professional competitions at regional and federal level: "Banks of Neva River", "World of Beauty", where I won several Grand Prix awards and other prizes. After graduating from Lyceum, I entered the Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia, Faculty of Philology. In 2010, I started working for a company as a technologist. That was when my deep dive into the world of hairdressing started, my journey towards becoming a professional with a capital P. A succession of shows, professional demonstrations, exhibitions and business trips – this world is truly addictive! In 2020, I became Head of Technology Services of OLLIN Professional brand. To me, this is a highly responsible and serious assignment, because for a person in this position, failure is not an option!"
Leading Expert-Technologist, OLLIN Professional and color technologist, HAIR COMPANY; winner of the "Battle of the salons" TV show, author of original master classes, practitioner, colorist and stylist.
Svetlana Svirkova
"After graduating from the University and several attempts of 'finding myself' in different professions, I finally entered the Hairdressing Academy, where everything became very clear and very own to me.

I've always felt an attraction to the art of hairdressing. I did my first haircut when I was 5 years old. The customer was my sleeping mom. She got off lucky, the hairdresser fixed her hair easily and even said that I had talent."

While the profession may have seemed like a simple and somewhat naive hobby to Svetlana as a child, today she is one of the top technologists and a certified specialist of such leading hairdressing schools as Pivot Point, Vidal Sassoon.

"It was my grandmother, a teacher, who laid the groundwork for my future skills. All my studio and field workshops are always focused on maintaining "contact" between me and the audience and on making sure that anyone, even those without much experience in the profession, will always understand and analyze the available information."

"I used to calm my anxiety before the exams by braiding my University classmates' hair." After graduation, Svetlana entered the Hairdressing Academy and became the best student of the year, participated in various championships, shows and fashion shoots.
Expert barber for Kondor brand. Creative Partner, OLLIN Professional.
Ayk Khechumyan
Teacher, author of an original educational project on men's and women's haircuts. Multiple gold medalist of the "Banks of Neva River" and "Golden Scissors" festivals. Champion of St. Petersburg, award winner of the Russian national championship. Trained at Vidal Sassoon Academy, Mazella Palmer Academy, Menspire Academy and Senzi Education Academy.

"I have been familiar with the art of hairdressing since I was a child, as my dad worked at a beauty salon for some time. I used to spend a lot of time there, and I fell madly in love with the atmosphere of lightness, companionship and beauty. When I was 17, I got to my first stylist show. It was then that I realized this was the direction I wanted to move in, to express myself and to share my creativity and energy with other experts. My goal was, and still is, to learn from the world's best hairdressers. After gaining enough experience, skill and observation, I started to conduct my original seminars in 2015. I am happy to share my knowledge with other specialists."
Chief Technologist, "Astoria Cosmetic SPB", Expert Technologist, OLLIN Professional. World-class professional. Winner of the International Academy awards: Toni&Guy, Vidal Sassoon, Anna Eshwood. Judge of regional hairdressing competitions.
Dmitry Goncharov
"I firmly believe that hairdressing is the best profession in the world, because we make people happy! It is craft, technique, geometry and creativity! But the most important thing is the opportunity to develop non-stop, because there is no "ceiling". That is why I became a hairdresser! Like the samurai, "we have no goal, only the way".
Expert-Technologist, OLLIN Professional and Leading Technologist, HAIR COMPANY. World-class teacher, author of original master classes, stylist, colorist, multiple winner of the Balkan hairdressing championship. Two-time champion of Bosnia and Montenegro. Former teacher at ZORAN International Academy.
Olga Prokhorova
My motto is: "Simplicity is genius!". I grew up in a family of engineers and received a higher technical education, so I have no problems with algorithms, logic and spatial thinking. Since the age of 13 I dreamed of becoming an art restorer. Now my dream has come true: I "restore" hair and I am infinitely happy doing my job. What I find important in my work is rules, systemic approach, strategy, analytics, efficiency and simplicity. I love science experiments and product testing. To me, coloristics are sort of like algebra. Haircuts are geometry. After completing my first course in 2003, I became a hairdressing stylist. In 2004 I studied at Pivot Point school in Novosibirsk, and in 2013 – at Tony&Guy and Vidal Sassoon Academy in Montenegro. I took part in numerous exhibitions, fashion shoots and show programs in Russia and abroad.

What I love most about my profession is coloring, working with blonde dyes and precision haircuts. I enjoy conducting seminars and workshops, I enjoy sharing information and seeing the inspiration on my students' faces. It is also a great pleasure to teach my original hair dyeing technique called LAZY LIGHTS and skillful brushing system called KPD. My top priorities are high quality hair, flawless color, and an overall balanced look.
Expert Technologist of OLLIN Professional, lecturer of Astoria Cosmetics Academy and author of master-classes on colorism and commercial coloring techniques. She also has experience in photo shoots, exhibitions and presentations on hairdressing.
Olesya Khramchenko
"I thank my lucky stars for giving me a chance to become a technologist for OLLIN Professional back in 2013. And I am very proud of being part of this talented and creative team of technologists. I am happy to have the opportunity to share my experience with those who wish to grow and develop in our creative profession, because beauty professionals make this world a more beautiful and therefore a little happier place.
Top stylist. World-class professional, Champion of St. Petersburg and Moscow, two-time Champion of Russia, absolute European Champion, World Champion, member of the Russian National Team, judge of the All-Russian category, stylist of the "Fashion Verdict" program on Channel 1.
Armen Torosyan
Top stylist of the OLLIN Professional brand, creator of the annual OLLIN Professional photo collections, regular creative author of the brand's show displays. Part of the brand since 2012. He brings to life some of the most daring images and collections, and his original works can be seen in many professional beauty magazines in Russia (Dolores, HAIR'S, Style Academy, etc.). He conducts field trainings, seminars, master classes and show displays, where guests cannot just connect with the beauty but also capture the essence of the tiniest detail they will encounter on their way to success.
Hair artist, Art Director, OLLIN Professional.
Alexey Yaroslavtsev
Collaborates with and works for Vogue, Elle, Flacon, Bazaar, Tattler, Glamour, Blueprint and Buro 24/7 magazines. He shoots commercials for major companies and supports promising creative projects. Extensive experience in working with the celebrities in show-business and fashion industry. Creates his own hair art projects.

"I cannot imagine my life without the art of creating 'beautiful hair' for quite some time now. I believe that constant self-development is the key to success. After all, everyone is talented their own way; everyone has unique strengths and abilities that need to be properly revealed. And then they can be developed in the right direction, sharpened and improved. One has to constantly set the bar high and aspire for the targets no matter what. After all, that's the only way to make the world a better place!"
Expert Technologist of OLLIN Professional brand. World-class specialist, award winner of My Company Academy (Italy).
Alexei Nikandrov
Even though I had been admiring the Italian culture since my early years, I received my first education as a sales manager. However, 2003 became a turning point in my life – after visiting the "Banks of Neva River" exhibition, I realized that hairdressing would become the meaning and way of life for me!

I attended numerous trainings and seminars, master classes, participated in shows, photo shoots, and I also have experience of working with many European stylists in the past. I am happy to see that all these years I've been helping specialists and professionals learn something new and important about OLLIN Professional products every day, so that they can enjoy their work as much as I do. After all, this is the best incentive to delight and surprise your customers!"
Creative partner, OLLIN Professional, Art Director, Kondor brand. World-class specialist, founder and creative director of the Georgiy Zhukov Education training project for hairdressers. Repeat finalist of Russian Hairdressing Awards. Winner of many hairdressing competitions. Included in the top 10 best stylists in St. Petersburg. Internationally certified judge. Conducts regular master classes in Russia and abroad. Award winner of Toni&GUY, VIDAL SASSOON Academies. Author of numerous collections for several fashion and hairdressing magazines, such as Season of Beauty, DC magazine, YOU professional and many others.
Georgiy Zhukov
"What does my profession mean to me? It is a way to fulfill yourself through creativity. I fell in love with this profession thanks to some very worthy and highly deserved individuals! They have lit an eternal fire in me that will never go out, but will only grow stronger! The greatest part of my job is the ability to grow in any direction you like! For example, you can be an athlete, participating in competitions, a judge, a teacher; you can work at fashion shoots or just give your customers new looks and positive emotions. A hairdresser is an artist, a doctor and a magician rolled into one. You know how good mood depends primarily on how happy a person is about themselves, particularly about their looks. The hairdressing profession is an art, where there is no limit to perfection. Being a hairdresser means being able to create beautiful and stylish haircuts out of literally anything, being able to see the spirit of every customer and to emphasize it properly!
Expert technologist and member of the OLLIN Professional creative team. Certified specialist of Pivot Point, Vidal Sassoon, Tony&Guy schools.
Regina Rylskaya
Regina's career started many years ago. She has long been one of the brand's top technologists. Over this time, she has gained a wealth of experience both in the salon and in numerous photo shoots for print publications and hairdressing presentations.

Regina presents her show program and actively participates in the preparation of annual shows in Russia. OLLIN Professional Academy tutor, she conducts an original master class on fast and practical techniques for creating haircuts "From Geometry to Shape".
Chief Technologist and Lead Instructor of the OLLIN Professional brand. Author of the "With Color in Life" training program. She has been part of the brand since its inception, and has hairdressing experience of more than 30 years.
Vadim Davidiuk
Vadim mentors aspiring technologists and helps with ongoing training as part of educational programs. He conducts numerous seminars in Russia and abroad, presenting all the innovations of the brand. Business trips take up most of his time. Vadim draws inspiration from art and loves walking around new countries and cities.

"I can express my attitude towards the profession in just two words: professionalism and integrity! OLLIN Professional is my long-awaited late baby! I dedicate all my professional experience and a sea of love to this brand and the people associated with it!"
Leading Technologist and New Products Developer for OLLIN Professional brand, World-class Trainer-Technologist. Graduate of European schools: My Company (Italy), Tony&Guy, Dolores Academy, L'Oréal Professional and Periche Professional Studio. Part of the brand since 2009.
Oksana Ebzeeva
"Hairdressing to me is the ability to create and accentuate a person's beautiful image through coloring, cutting and styling hair. To improve one's knowledge of hairdressing and to implement it when working with the clients. And most importantly, it is an opportunity to pass on skills and knowledge to your fellow hairdressers."
Expert-Technologist, Ollin Professional. Multiple medalist of the "Banks of Neva River" championship, world-class specialist.
Yulia Platonova
A participant of numerous seminars, trainings and championships, winner of international contests, Yulia has more than 50 diplomas and eight prize-winning places in her portfolio to date.

"It must have been luck that brought me to the LOKON College of Hairdressing and Decorative Cosmetics, which I graduated with honors. That was the beginning of my career in hairdressing.

I thank my lucky stars for giving me a chance to become part of the OLLIN Professional creative team, back in May 2013. Our brand has grown immensely since then, and I grew up with it. The team is really friendly and positive, all for one and one for all!

Being a hairdresser is not a job – it's a calling that people come to at different ages and from different professions. Being a technologist is about truly loving what you do. Hair industry is an opportunity to create; the key is to keep growing and never stopping.

I am always happy to share my experience with those who seek knowledge and are searching for something new. There's a good reason they say beauty will save the world. I help professional hairdressers to make their clients happier and more beautiful; may it be my contribution to saving the world!"